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Staff List

The Swinton High School is a large school and sometimes finding the person you need to talk to can seem a little confusing. To help, please see the staff list below, organised into department order should you need to speak to a member of staff.

If you need to contact a member of staff, please call the School Office: 0161 794 6215

Senior Leadership Team  
Mr Mark Harrison Headteacher
Miss S. Withers Deputy Headteacher
Mrs E. Pope Deputy Headteacher
Mr G. Abraham Assistant Headteacher
Mrs F. Fagan Assistant Headteacher
Mr D. Moroney Assistant Headteacher
Mr I. Rowlinson Assistant Headteacher
Mr P. Turner Assistant Headteacher / Head of Information, Advice & Guidance
Mrs J. Stewart Director of Learning : Communications
Mrs R. Knight Assistant Director of Learning : English, KS4
Mrs R. Covil Assistant Director of Learning : English, KS3
Mrs L. Tennant Teacher of English & Literacy / Resource Centre Manager
Mrs E. Danton Teacher of English / Able, Gifted and Talented Coordinator, KS3
Mrs F. Fagan Teacher of English / Assistant Headteacher
Mrs A. Simpson Teacher of English
Miss P. Allen Lead Practitioner
Miss E. Brocklehurst Teacher of French and Spanish
Miss V. Kennedy Teacher of French and Spanish
Mrs. L. Craig-Kgasago Teacher of French and Spanish
Mathematics & Numeracy  
Mr L. Moriarty Director of Learning : Maths, Statistics and Numeracy
Mrs S. Casserley Assistant Director of Learning : Maths, KS4
Mr M. Atcha Assistant Director of Learning : Maths, KS3
Mrs E. Pope Teacher of Mathematics / Deputy Headteacher
Mr G. Abraham Teacher of Mathematics / Assistant Headteacher
Mr D. Moroney Teacher of Mathematics / Assistant Headteacher
Mr C. Cavanah Teacher of Mathematics / Pupil Progress Coordinator - Year 10
Mr B. Toogood Director of Learning : Science
Mr G. Shuttleworth Teacher of Science
Mr I. Rowlinson Teacher of Science / Assistant Headteacher
Miss T. Begum Teacher of Science / Pupil Progress Coordinator - Year 7
Mr D. Robinson Teacher of Science / Pupil Progress Coordinator - Year 11
Ms V. Pendleton Teacher of Science
Mr B. Drinkwater Teacher of Science and Maths
Mr M.Brown Director of Learning : Technology
Mr A. Blackburn Assistant Director of Learning : Technology
Miss L. Hamer Assistant Director of Learning : ICT, KS4
Mrs M. Anderson Assistant Director of Learning : ICT, KS3 & Business Studies
Mr B. Sloan Teacher of ICT and Business Studies / Pupil Progress Coordinator - Year 8
Mr M. Sanderson Teacher of Design & Technology
Miss S. Withers Teacher of ICT / Deputy Headteacher
Mr D. Daly Teacher of ICT
Mrs S. Denley Teacher of Food Technology / Assistant Director of Learning : SEND
Mr T. Greenhalgh Director of Learning : Humanities
Mrs A. Schofield Assistant Director of Learning : Humanities
Mr P. Turner Teacher of History / Assistant Headteacher
Miss K. Brown Teacher of Religious Studies / Whole School PSVE
Mr M. Gibbard Teacher of History
Special Educational Needs
Mr M. Hulton Director of Learning : Special Educational Needs
Mrs S. Denley Assistant Director of Learning : Special Educational Needs
Mr M. Wright Director of Learning : Arts
Miss A. Neath Assistant Director of Learning : Arts / Head of Drama
Ms A. Welsh Teacher of Music & Performing Arts
Mr P. Lane Head of P.E.
Mrs E. Tranter Teacher of P.E.
Mr M. Dodd Teacher of P.E. / Pupil Progress Coordinator - Year 9
Mrs R. Hulton Teacher of P.E.
Miss H. Talbot Assistant Head of P.E.
Mrs C. Robinson Head of Art & Textiles
Mrs S. Hoggan Teacher of Art & Textiles
General Cover Teachers
Mr M. Shearer General Cover Teacher / Teacher of ICT
Mr B. Drinkwater General Cover Teacher / Teacher of Science and Maths
General Cover Teachers
Ms R. White
Mr S. Keable
Care, Guidance & Support
Mrs C. Hope Year Manager for Year 7
Mr R. Taylor Year Manager for Year 8
Mrs K. Mooney Year Manager for Year 9
Mrs J. Haywood Year Manager for Year 10
Mrs M. Howarth Year Manager for Year 11 / Lead Learning Mentor
Mrs J. Reeveley Primary Transition Coordinator / Year Manager
Mrs D. Appleton Social Inclusion Manager
Mrs C. Craven Social Inclusion Manager (Attendance)
Mrs J. Hargrave Child Protection Officer and Looked After Children
Mr C. Beddows Performing Arts Technician
Mr I. Goldie Design & Technology Technician
Mr S. Bamber Science Technician
Administration Staff
Mr D. Byron Director of Finance & Resources
Mrs C. Robinson Senior Human Resources Manager
Mrs S. Ashton Pastoral Administrator
Mrs G. Davies Headteacher's PA and Clerk to the Governing Body
Mrs A. Gibson Library Assistant
Mrs H. Hall Information Systems Manager
Mrs B. Maher Examinations Officer
Miss H. McGuinness Data & Finance Assistant
Mrs J. O'Malley Finance Manager
Miss J. Smith Finance Officer
Mrs S. Sparrow Facilities Manager
Mrs K. Swindells Office Manager
Miss C. Bradley Marketing & Reprographics Manager
Ms S. James Careers Adviser
Mrs E. Seward Receptionist / Administrator
Mr S. West Minibus Driver
Teaching Assistants
Ms J. Tulsie Teaching Assistant - TA2
Mr N. Jolly Teaching Assistant - TA2
Miss C. Codd Teaching Assistant - TA2
Miss G. Daley Teaching Assistant - TA2
Miss F. Appleton Teaching Assistant - TA1
Caretaking & Catering Staff
Mr D. Hill Site Manager
Mrs M. Jones Assistant Site Manager
Mrs A. Lawton Welfare Assistant
Mr T. Brammer Welfare Assistant
Mrs A. Aspinall Catering Unit Manager
Mrs C. Jones Assistant Catering Manager
Mrs D. Williams Catering Assistant
Ms A. English Catering Assistant
Mrs C. Leese Catering Assistant
Miss L. Jones Catering Assistant / Cleaner
Mrs J. Green Catering Assistant
Ms S. Haines Catering Assistant / Cleaner
Mrs J. Worthington-Breen Catering Assistant
Mrs G. Lee Cleaner
Miss C. Weston Cleaner
Miss L. Evans Cleaner
Miss M. Amoroso Cleaner
Miss E. Watts Cleaner
Mrs E. Aimson Cleaner