Our 'Student Mediation Programme' launches today!

13 March 2017

Peace logoWe are delighted to announce that after months of preparation our 'Student Mediation Programme' is all set to launch today.

Student Mediation is problem solving by young people with young people. It is a process by which two or more students involved in a dispute meet in a private, safe and confidential setting to work out problems with the assistance of trained student mediators.

The Student Mediation Group is made from a selection of Year 10 students who have received training aimed at supporting other students as individuals and groups to resolve minor conflict without the intervention of teaching/support staff.

Student Mediation contact email

During Monday and Tuesday of this week the programme will be launched to our students in Year 7 and 8 with presentations from our ten Student Mediators. We are confident that the benefits of this programme will be widespread from promoting a calm and safe environment for students to learn and sustaining the overall wellbeing of our school to positive interaction between younger and empowering students to resolve minor conflicts themselves, building confidence and self-esteem and developing life skills such as effective communication, listening, questioning and fair decision making.

To access support and resolve a dispute students need to email our dedicated email address at: where a Student Mediator will be in touch to talk with them about how they can help.