Leavers' Prom 2017

12 July 2017

Prom Invite 2017On Friday 30th June 2017 our Year 11 leavers were suited and booted in their finest attire as they attended their Leavers' Prom at The Stables Country Club in Bury.

With a theme of 'vintage chic' the room was beautifully decorated with flowers, drapes, jewels, candles and balloons. Year Manager Mrs Mooney and Pupil Progress Coordinator had put in a huge amount of effort to get everthing prepared and everyone was thrilled with the room when they arrived.

As the parade of super cars arrived we were thrilled to see how stunning everyone looked and were excited for the night ahead. After a lovely meal it was then time for the eagerly awaited 'awards presentation'. Our winners on the night were:

Prom King : Jerome Bryan
Prom Queen : Millie Sparrow
Best Sense of Humour : Codie Lea Hawcroft
Still likely to be asked for ID at 30! : Chloe Shepherd
Most Caring : Whitney Mashavave
Most likely to buy a lottery ticket and lose it! : Campbell Cummings
Biggest Flirts : Heather Gibson and Jordan Burns
Drama Queen : Kylah Lawson
Outstanding Student : Melissa Rimington
Foghorn! : Forningama Kamara
Most likely to be late for their own funeral! : Kasey Noakes
Most likely to be famous! : Sam Dorsey
Most likely to go to Oxford : Tamara Reilly
Most likely to become a 'WAG'! : April Morris and Emily Chadwick
Most likely to work at The Swinton High School : Laura Southwell
First person to become a millionaire : Cameron Mackenzie-Price

Click HERE to see a gallery of photos from the night.