Lovin' London!

18 July 2017

On Thursday 13th July our English Department took a group of Year 7 students for a two day visit to London to see all the sights, sounds and highlights of the capital. On Thursday they did a walking tour of the city, during which they saw the King of Spain and our Queen, and in the evening went to see a fantastic performance of The Tempest at the Barbican Theatre. On Friday they went to the Natural History and Science Museums and then caught the train back to Manchester feeling very 'cultured'!

Below are the accounts of some of the students who took part.

London 3

Iris Dubula, Year 7

The weather as soon as we arrived in London was warm and lovely. Once we arrived we walked to Buckingham Palace and we saw the guards marching round the palace. Basically, the whole of Thursday was us touring London and we saw our hotel, which was amazing.

Thursday night, we went to a theatre to watch The Tempest and they used great special effects. My favourite part was with Caliban, Trinculo and Stephano - it made me laugh!

On Friday we had a delicious breakfast and we then set off to see some museums. We visited the Natural History Museum and the Science Museum and I managed to buy some rocks!

I enjoyed London and wish I could go again!

Ellie Gallagher, Year 7

My trip to London was great and the weather made it even better. Thursday was the best day for me, touring London and I even saw the King of Spain! Unfortunately, while we were buying our lunch the other two groups saw the Queen - this made us jealous.

Thursday night was amazing, we all go dressed for the theatre but as we reached the Underground Mrs Covil lost one of the tickets; but it was actually in her bag! The Tempest was extremely professional because of the special effects they used. Finally, we got back to the hotel and the boys were a bit noisy so poor Mrs Danton had to sit outside their room!

On Friday morning we had breakfast and we visited two museums which were very interesting. At about 3pm we set off to the train station to go home.

London 1

London 2