Peer Mentor Training

17 July 2017

On Friday 14th July Mrs Hargrave and Miss Withers took twelve of our Year 9 students to ISIS restaurant for a day of training to prepare for becoming Peer Mentors to our Year 7 students.

The twelve were children chosen for their fantastic applications, their phenomenal attendance, punctuality, interpersonal skills and positive outlook.

Peer Mentoring 1

Our Peer Mentor Programme is intended to help Year 7 children transitioning to high school from primary school. The mentors will meet up with their mentees during registration one morning each week. They will help with any issues the Year 7 students may have and provide encouragement and advice to those who may be struggling with the transition.

Peer Mentoring 2

This programme has been running for many years and has been very successful, it has helped many children to gain confidence and self-esteem to enable them to be successful throughout high school, college and on to University.

Our Peer Mentors were absolutely outstanding on the training day and showed great empathy and positivity. We look forward to the good work they will do starting in September. 

Written by: Mrs Hargrave