The results are in...didn't they do well!

24 August 2017

GCSE groupEmotions were running high this morning as the anticipation was finally over and the day had arrived for our Year 11s to receive their GCSE results! But again we were delighted to see the room filled with tears of joy, happy faces and big plans from many as The Swinton High School enjoyed another year of great results.

Our 2017 cohort are the first year group to experience the new GCSE grading changes where, starting with English and Maths, GCSEs will be graded from 9 to 1, with 9 being the top grade meaning this summer our students will receive a mixture of number and letter grades.


The system may have changed across GCSE results this year but the outcome is the same, more star performers at The Swinton High School. The school's top performer was Head Girl Tamara Reilly who achieved 9 top grades amongst her set of results, reflecting her commitment and determination across her time at the school. Sports stars Sam Dorsey and Jordan Burns bagged top grades in GCSE PE as well as across a range of subjects including MFL, English, Maths, Humanities and Science. This pattern was reflected by many students across the year group, in particular Harrison Porter, Laura Southwell, Emma Williamson and Agnes Zoppa who all achieved a number of top grades and are all going on to the next step in their life with a fantastic foundation behind them.

A special mention goes to our MFL and PE faculties with their truly impressive results. MFL achieved an 81% pass rate and PE achieved 94%.

We would like to pass on our warmest congratulations to all our students on their achievements, we are really proud of every single one of you. Very best wishes and good luck for whichever path you choose to follow…we know you will have bright futures ahead of you!




GCSE individuals 1

GCSE individuals 2