Year 9 Basketball League Leaders

20 December 2017

Year 9 Basketball Dec 2017Congratulations to our undefeated Year 9 team who will now go on to represent Salford at the Greater Manchester Youth Games. This feet is even more remarkable as the majority of the team are still only in Year 8. The future is certainly bright for these young men!

Congratulations and good luck to:
Reese Matthews, Year 8
Ishor Bajgai, Year 8
Jacob Jeffrey, Year 9
Zion Agbiji, Year 8
Sam Wall, Year 9
Prince Idusuyi, Year 8
Zach Flaxman, Year 8
Brodie Williamson, Year 9
Sam Oludoyi, Year 8
George Kamara, Year 8

Written by: Mr Lane, Head of PE