Students enter 'Wonderland' with their published writing!

01 February 2018

Welcome to Wonderland bookOur English department are very proud to announce that students from a range of classes and year groups have had their work published.

The students entered a creative writing competition for 11-18 year olds run by Young Writers called 'Welcome to Wonderland'. Many of them were successful, their entries were shortlisted for publication and have now been included in an anthology which has been published.  They each had to write a mini-saga, a story in just 100 words, inspired by their world. 

As writers it is amazing to be able to see your own work in print, well done everyone!

Welcome to Wonderland winnersOur winning writers are:
Tyler Wilde, Tayla Mitchell,
Ilja Danilcenko, Ellie Christian
Liam Scott Marshall, Nathaniel Vaughn,
Jessica Eadie, Niamh Sutcliffe,
Serena Diamond, David Mankowski,
Natalie Bumby, Bethany Jones,
Mia Norwood, Olivia Hughes,
Jack Meredith, Kieran Beeby,
Francesca Wood, Toni Gowland,
Katie Mo, Favour Gabriel Oluwatobi,
Chloe Mather, Kade Jeffrey,
Joseph Dean, Zoe Hassall,
Maisie Beaver, Grace Pomfret

Written by: Mrs Fagan