Hoax threats to schools

19 March 2018

We are urging our Parents/Carers not to panic.

Today, 19th March, you will be seeing media reports of 'bomb threats' to schools in the Greater Manchester area. Please do not panic. This links to an incident last week in the Metropolitan Police area (Greater London) where over 100 schools received exactly the same email.

It was checked out thoroughly and carefully by the police and  absolutely no evidence of any merit in the threat was found.

Two educational establishments (not schools) in Salford have so far received a similar email. GMP has been in direct contact with both and both remain open.

Once again, please be reassured that GMP is treating this as a large scale hoax and advising that evacuation on the basis of the email alone is not required.

Merseyside Police have contacted GMP reporting 50 plus incidents in their area also.

This has not been declared a critical or major incident.

If anyone has information about the hoax or receives such a hoax, please contact Greater Manchester police via the usual manner.